Character Guidelines

Example Character Sheet

Starting Age 18 (Each Player may run two characters)

Recently accepted to Warden’s Hall Academy

Desire to join Mercenary Unit after finish academy.

Competing to be MechWarrior’s at the end of the training. 10 positions open.

Relatively “good” aligned

Has a ‘Mech that moves no slower than 5/8. With one of the player’s character piloting a ‘mech in the Scout Lance while the other is in the Battle Lance, Requirements for the Scout Lance are moves at 6/9 or better and has Jump Jets. All ‘Mech ownership and selection Traits must payed for before the start of game.

Random ‘Mech List

Some king of “Interest” or other skills that set your character apart from just being a MehcWarrior. Examples: Interest(Cloths), Interest(Sports), Art(Painting).

Character Guidelines

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