Michael Jones


Michael ‘Chief’ Jones

Mike was raised on a large farm 100 km away from New Avalon City. When he was on summer break from school, he spent a lot of time herding cattle and tending the fields. The Jones’ were not a rich family, so if anything broke down, they had to fix it themselves. Mike learned a lot about mechanics from his parents, but he also had an uncanny knack with mechanical and electrical devices. In high school, he became fascinated with the Napoleonic Era, and even purchased a saber that he thought was from that era. As it tuned out, it was not an antique, but he refused to let the money he spent be wasted. Mike learned how to fight with his weapon, and still possesses it to this day.

Mike was extremely bright, and did very well in high school. He earned a full ride scholarship to the Albion Military Academy. He graduated with degrees in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. He was extremely popular in college because he knew quite a bit about automobile repair and would often help fellow students when their vehicles broke down.

After graduation, he entered service with the Davion Heavy Guards where he served as a combat technician. In addition to his work as a technician, he piloted a Hunchback. His technician duties required him to be outside of his mech more than in it, so he spent a as much time with the infantry as he could in order to get small weapons, support weapons and unarmed combat training.

Mike’s unit was often sent out to reinforce local militias against one threat or another. He was often ordered to help bring their equipment up to combat readiness. This meant that he had to work on anything that moved. Or not moved, depending on how badly the equipment had been maintained.

One time, his company was sent to Okefenokee in response to increased pirate raids on that world. On one of his patrols, his lance encountered six pirate mechs. His lance destroyed or crippled all six mechs, without losing any of their own. Mike crippled a Phoenix Hawk entirely by himself by removing both of its legs. He was given that mech as a reward for courage in battle.

He was able to acquire the required parts to repair that mech, and then retired from the DHG to pursue a career as a mercenary mechwarrior. He traveled to Galatea and was hired into the Circle of Swords mercenary unit under the command of Olan Stonedell. He met Nixie Jester during his trip to Galatea and fell in love with her and was thrilled when he learned that they were both hired into the same unit. However, Mike did not express his feelings, and Nixie began dating one of the LAM pilots. Mike buried himself in his work instead of dealing with his feelings. And keeping busy was easy. Soon after getting hired, The unit was contracted to travel to the ice planet Ascella to retrieve two stolen battlemechs. The mission with the Circle of Swords was tougher than any assignment he received while in the Davion Heavy Guards. And it was made more difficult because he had to watch Nixie and Max continue their dating. But the people serving in the Circle of Swords were the best warriors he had ever encountered, and he came to respect all of them immensely. But none more than Olan, who saved the life of every person in the unit during a snow storm by erecting shelters and dragging everyone into them while the blizzard raged around them.

After that difficult mission, Olan disbanded the unit. Then he negotiated with The Wayfinders and arranged for all CoS personnel to receive positions inside that unit. However, it hurt too much for Mike to be around Nixie when she did not reciprocate his feelings. So Mike signed on with a unit called The Strike Lightning Guard under the command of Rylie Buckland. After he signed on with the SLG, Nixie broke up with Max and she left to go to a planet named Galava. Mike was disappointed that she did not say good bye in person to him. Although they kept in touch with letters, Mike did not express his feelings to her because of the distance between them.

The mission that the Strike Lightning Guard was contracted for was supposed to be simple garrison work. However, the unit got pulled into local politics, pirate attacks and rebellious natives. Mike’s Phoenix Hawk was destroyed during one of their skirmishes, although Rylie was able to give Mike a Kintaro as a replacement. But the pain of losing his mech was nothing compared to the pain he felt when Nixie sent him a letter saying that she was engaged and that she wanted him to attend the wedding to give her away.

That evening, something snapped in Mike’s soul and he beat a poor toolbox into junk with a spanner wrench. Then, he dragged his friend Nathan to the nearest bar and got himself hammered. (Later, Nathan swore it only took two beers.) At 2:00 am, Mike dragged a reluctant Nathan to Rylie’s quarters, where Mike explained everything to her and requested permission to leave her unit to pursue Nixie. The next morning, when sobriety did not change Mike’s mind, Rylie sadly gave him leave. She did everything in their power to assist Mike in his preparations to leave.

Mike gathered all the money he could lay his hands on and made two purchases: passage to Galava and a pair of fencing foils. Mike practiced fencing during the entire trip to Galava. When Mike arrived at Galava, he contacted Nixie. When they met, she introduced him to her fiancé, Lord Emilio Santiago. Mike immediately explained to Lord Santiago that Nixie was a woman of extraordinary quality, and that he could not approve of the marriage until Lord Santiago proved his worthiness. Then Mike challenged him to a dual right there on the spot.

Mike’s skill with his saber and his recent practice with fencing served him well. But truthfully, it was incredible luck that allowed Mike to score victory over Lord Santiago. After both men shook hands, Mike walked over to Nixie and said, “Nixie, your fiancé is a man of honor and he is willing to fight for you. He will be a good husband. But I have something to tell you; something that will change your mind about my participation in your wedding. I must say this now, because soon it will be too late.”

Taking her hands into his, Mike continued. “Nixie, when we met on that starliner two years ago, I instantly fell in love with you. Maybe I should have said something before this. But after you started seeing Max, I figured I could get over you. But no matter how much time passed, or how much distance was between us, my feelings never faded.”

“So, please don’t ask me to give you away. Lord Santiago is a good man. But it would just kill me to give you away when I want to take you up in my arms for my own.”

Nixie agreed that Mike could not give her away, and then to his amazement, she informed Lord Santiago that she was calling the wedding off. To this day, Mike still thinks that Nixie’s purpose in inviting him to the wedding was just a ploy to get out of it.

Nixie started dating Mike shortly after Lord Santiago left planet, and nine months later, they were married. They lived among the Pikkies, and both found happiness. Twenty years later, they now have eight children. Mike has taken up many Pikkie practices. He speaks their language and almost always wears their style of clothing. Marriage and children have softened him somewhat, and he has taken up sculpture in his spare time. He specializes in statues of Nixie of course. And he has also taken up the Pikkie practice of finding a good deal. He has often been seen at Pikkie trade caravans selling his statues. “Get your official Nixie statue here folks! They come with a matching pedestal! Buy one today and get a free dog!”

Mike and Nixie’s three oldest children, Olan, Helena, and Blixt have enrolled in The Academy. Mike and Nixie could not be prouder. And so the story continues with the next generation.

Michael Jones

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