Ivan Mlynowski


Chief Petty Officer Ivan Mlynowski

Ivan was raised on Tikonov. He parents, Mikael and Ramona, were steel workers in one of the local factories. They constantly told stories to their children (Ivan and Katerin) of how they helped in the underground resistance against the Capellan Confederation. They were fiercely loyal to the Federated Commonwealth, and passed that loyalty onto their children. Ivan and Katerin’s favorite activity was swimming in the local river and climbing the nearby mountains. This was only made possible by the environmental reforms instituted after the Federated Commonwealth took control of Tikonov, and this also helped to install loyalty.

When he turned 18, he enlisted in the Federated Commonwealth Navy. He was trained as a dropship crewman/gunner, and a shuttlecraft pilot. He learned to pilot and work on most aerodyne and sheroid dropships and shuttlecraft. Towards the end of his service, he was assigned to a Leopard class dropship and primary was sent to border patrol along the periphery. However, he did have several encounters with pirate ships during that time.

Last year, a drunk technician was responsible for an accident that cost Ivan his left eye. He received a large settlement from the subcontractor and was discharged from the military.

Ivan traveled to Galatea to look for mercenary employment and was hired by the Circle of Swords as a crewman aboard The Beast, a Leopard class dropship. Ivan fell in love with The Beast, and came to respect the personnel of the Circle of Swords. When the Circle of Swords was disbanded, Captain Stonedell found employment inside The Wayfinders, another mercenary unit. After serving with the Wayfinders, Ivan stayed with The Beast, and eventually wound up in Galava’s Unit, still serving on board The Beast in The Warding Guard.

Ivan Mlynowski

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