Persephone Thorn


Age: 26
Affiliation: Lyran
Occupation: MechWarrior & Tutor


  • Persephone is a skilled MechWarrior with four years of service in the Lryan military but that was before a power driven pig of a officer ruined her career and she end up fallowing some lawman to the a backwater Periphery world of Galava.
  • Born into a family with a long history of service to the Lryan military Persephone fallowed the path already set before her gaining her skills at one of the Lryan Military Academies before moving on to gain experience in the Fed-Com civil war.
  • It was after the civil war that everything Persephone believed in died when a officer tried to force her to sleep with him. She of course to this to the proper people but instead of disciplining the officer she was honorable discharged and the whole thing was swept under the rug. It was months later when she meet the lawman Joss Kroeker when he broke up a bar fight as a security officer on a Jumpship, a fight that was started because of Persephone’s looks and their odd friendship started up and would later bring her to Galava as his Assistant Instructor.

Persephone Thorn

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