Marian Fincher


Age: 18
Affiliation: Periphery (Galava, Pikki)
Occupation: Cadet


  • Marian is the youngest sister to the former Fincher Caravan War-Chief Lilian and like her older sister Marian is a skilled fighter.
  • Marian loves her family and had always looked up to her oldest sister Lilian but also felt like she lived under her shadow, now wishing to strike out on her own and prove herself Marian has enrolled into the Wardens Hall Academy Marine training program with classes in command and administration.
  • Marian is a very fit and good looking young woman who is highly competitive with both males and other females and this part of her personality has come into it own after learning that their was another Cadet who was also enrolled in the Marine training command program and Marian is determined that the Marine Commander position will belong to her and not go to this David Foxer.

Marian Fincher

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