David Foxer


Age: 18
Affiliation: Periphery (Galava, Brave Habor)
Occupation: Cadet


  • David is the son of a decedent of Regiment D that served as a Galava Defense Force Sergeant under Nelson ‘Shepared’ Donnly at the creation of the GDF. David’s dad retired after the loss of his left arm while fighting during a raid on a pirate grounded Dropship in an action to free slaves and stop the pirates from leaving planet to prey on other worlds.
  • David would never admit it but he somewhat hero worships his father and wants to be a Infantry Sergeant like his father was but do to his troubled relationship with his father he dream have take a rebellious direction and instead of joining the GDF like his father wished he enrolled in the Wardens Hall Academy Cadet program focusing on Marine training with classes in command and administration.
  • David was excited when he learned that he was accepted into the Cadet program but he soon learned that not many of the Cadets had taken Marine training as their primary course and he was even more disappointed to learn that he was not the only one to enroll in the command program with hope of becoming the Marine Commander.

David Foxer

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