Flora Singe


Age: 17
Affiliation: Periphery (Galava, SuShen)
Occupation: Cadet


  • Flora is the daughter of a ex-slave who was freed by the Galava Defense Force when as only a small seven year old girl holding on to her mother men in Battle Armor stormed the Dropship that had been her mother’s prison and the only home that Flora had known to free them.
  • Do to the fact of her mother’s Chinese heritage they were settled in the small port town just outside of SuShen called Fannu. Fannu is Flora’s home and even despite its faults she still loves it and the home that her mother still keeps there.
  • Like all young girls of SuShen and Fannu Flora’s education stopped at the age of 15 but do to her natural talents with electronics, computers and her high intelligence and inquisitive mind Flora’s mother along with a lot of finical help from other women of Fannu, she was able to secure a internship with a skilled Electronics Technician and Communication Operator in Whitestone for Flora.
  • At the age of 17 Flora has left her internship and a promise for a good job for just a chance of a place in the new Warding Guard by enrolling in the Warden Hall Academy as a Cadet in hope of earning the right to help Galava, a place that gave her mother her freedom and Flora a home.

Flora Singe

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