Valak Dover

Ro's Father


When Valak Dover was a teenager, he was away on a trip with his mother and their house burned down, killing his father and six older brothers.

Valak took over the family business, and made it successful despite his young age. As he grew older he married. But death always seemed to touch the ones close to him. His, mother, his first, second and even third wife.

Valak Dover is now and old man and father of seven sons of his own. He is also a very hard man. So much death close to him has made him bitter, and he is much too willing to share his bitterness with his sons.

The ladies of the Dover Caravan believe that Valak will finally soften when he has a daughter-in-law to give him grandchildren. To that end, they are determined to get his sons married. Valak’s oldest son, Hash is the primary candidate for marriage. But the longer that the caravan women put up with his mean spirit, the more they look to the younger sons as husband material.


Valak Dover

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