Sarge Frank

Ex-Clan Freebirth Dismountable Armor Specialist now Academy Instuctor


Age: 36
Affiliation: Clan (Ghost Bear)
Occupation: Military Basic Training Instructor

  • Frank was only 16 when the Ghost Bear Clan clamed his world and he became a Freeborn of the Laborer Caste. Frank would spend his early adult years climbing his way up from the Laborer Caste to the Warrior Caste where he served in a Light Armor Star as a dismountable infantry and vehicle crew member.
  • How Frank made his way to Galava, he has ever really said other than to say that the Star his was serving with was seeking glory and was lost almost to a man do to Pirate treachery which Frank says earn him four years as a Pirate slave, not bondsman, before he killed his captors and made his way to Galava.
  • It was Clara Ames that placed Sarge Frank as the Wardens Hall Academy‚Äôs Basic Training Instructor after what some say was a very tense situation that involved knives, but the current Academy Master Val Wittmore has stated that this story is only a rumor with no eyewitness or reports to back it up.

Sarge Frank

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