Evangelina "Eva" Green

Daughter of Haven Multi-Site Oil Rig Foreman Dakota Green


The Yarn of Evangelina Green

All good sailors can tell a good yarn or three. Eva had grown up on the Haven oil rigs and like all rig folk had a touch of sailor in her blood. She could spin a yarn with the best of them, but loved listening to her dad, Dakota, tell the yarn about the granting of Haven’s freedom. It was that yarn that told of the off-worlder from a mining planet on the far side of the galaxy that befriended the people of Haven which had led to Eva’s fascination with BattleMechs. After all, it was from the cockpit of the off-worlder’s Gallowglass that the order to grant Haven its freedom was given. Eva had never seen Lady Hesper’s Gallowglass, but had often seen her Guillotine keeping a watchful eye over Haven’s fleet when they went upriver to Sister Lake to deliver oil. Eva wanted to be like Lady Hesper, to protect people when no one else was willing to take the risk.

Eva still remembered the first time she had gotten an up close look at one of the machines she wanted to pilot. Some kid from farther upriver than the Sister Lake had wanted a tour of the Haven fleet. She’d seen him with Penance, a lady Eva knew was a MechWarrior. So, she’d traded the kid, a tour of the fleet for a tour of the Whitestone MechWorks and an up close look at Penance’s Wolverine. Eva had seen few Mechs up close since then, but had chanced to be on Rig Number 3 when Doc Jones came in her flying BattleMech to see to the medical needs after an accident. Eva had devoured as much information about BattleMechs as she had been able to get her hands on and was more into the BattleMechs that moved a little slower, but packed a bigger punch. It had been neat to see the flying BattleMech, technically a Land-Air-Mech, though.

Eva watched one of the Lake Turtles surface. It was not a rare sight after one of the major storms, but it always amazed her to see them rise up. The rig folk learned at a young age to spot their shells and the color of the water they liked best. The Lake Turtles seemed as restless after a storm as she herself was. She felt caged on the rig at times, but it was an improvement over fixing hoses and being covered in oil because some crazy newbie didn’t tighten it right. It had been her job to man the hoses the last six years ever since her dad caught her painting graffiti on the oil rig attached with only a thin worn out rope. This trip upriver would be the last where hoses were her job. Eva would either begin her training to be in charge of Rig Number 5, or if the Fates had smiled on her begin her MechWarrior training.

“Evangelina Emerald Green, Where are you,” echoed across the waters. Eva turned quickly climbed back up the underframe. Her mother would have her hide if she found her down below the base of the rig without a rope. And from her full name, she was already in trouble. What had she done recently that would invoke the full name? Eva peaked over the ledge and saw her older brothers with her mother. She climbed farther up the rig and then turned for one last look at the Great Lake before going to answer her mother’s call. As she did so, she noticed the Lake Turtle look her way before it dropped below the surface. Maybe it was a good omen.

Her father and little brother joined her mother just as Eva reached the lower point of the rig. Eva dropped to the base of the rig and approached the rest of her family. Her mother didn’t say anything, just handed her only daughter an envelope. Eva took it and turned it over. It was from the academy. She opened it and read through the formalities and the broke out into a smile. “I got accepted as a cadet! There are only ten MechWarrior spots open in the mercenary group they are forming at the end of training, but I got in. I have a chance!” Eva accepted her family’s congratulations and then picked her little brother up and spun him around.

Evangelina "Eva" Green

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