Walter 'Walle' Hillman

Adopted son of Laura ‘Penance’ Hillman


Age: 18
Affiliation: Minor Periphery (Galava)
Occupation: Cadet

  • Adopted son and only child of Laura Hillman best known as ‘Penance’ from River’s Rest a ex-pirate/slave who ran away to Galava to start a new life.
  • Walle’s real parents were both killed in a pirate attack that destroyed his home farming hamlet.
  • Has been accepted as a Cadet at the Warden’s Hall Academy in the MechWarrior program do to his ready familiarity with piloting a ‘mech.
  • Walle is a skilled hunter and fisher and he truly enjoys sailing his river sailboat exploring the areas up and down the Grey River around River’s Rest.

Walle’s New Road

Walle piloted the skiff down the river branch towards his spot. The only other person who knew of the place besides him was Laura, his adopted mother, who the most of Galava knew as the ex-pirate MechWarrior Penance. Walle still couldn’t believe that Laura had contacted the Academy and had one of their Instructors come and evaluate him for enrollment. She had done so with the only explanation that it was her responsibility to see to his education, but that he would have to secure his own future. The answer to that future was in his pocket right now in the form of a letter, but he was waiting to open it until he was at the right place.

Walle’s skiff nimbly cut a sharp bend in the waterway as he neared the sandbar that would be the end of his river voyage for the journey to his spot. Walle had always loved the water as a child and he knew that his old home had set on the coast of the Great Lake in a farm holding formed by a few families and his new home was in a houseboat that was docked on the Grey River in the town of River’s Rest. Walle didn’t just love the water more so he loved sailing and ships of all sizes from his small personally made skiff to the great transport ships of Trade Port and Haven.

Walle had had a chance to see one of those transport ship up-close and personal when he was thirteen while on a trip to Whitestone with Laura during one of her ‘town business’ trips. A nice girl working on the transport had allowed him onboard and even given him a tour of the ship in exchange for showing her Laura’s Wolverine and the other ‘Mechs at the Whitestone ‘Mechworks. The girl had been willing to just talk and didn’t need a lot of explaining when he showed her the ‘mechs, which was fine by Walle who always found it hard to talk to new people. Even to this day he remembered her face and name, Eva, a name he now associated with those great ships and the long voyages they sailed which dwarfed his small skiff.

The skiff came to a slow halt as it fixed itself to the sandy bottom of the waterway and Walle jumped out with rope in one hand and his laser rifle in the other. Like everything good in his life the laser rifle was a gift from Laura who had never given him a toy or something useless, but whose gifts were always practical and well thought out. Laura had been his mother since he was seven after his family was killed in a pirate attack that destroyed his old home, and it was in that ruble that the famed Penance had found him and still looked over him.

Walle walked up the forested hillside following a small path that he had worn out of the forest floor himself before stepping into a clearing with a large flat rock in the center. Walle stepped up onto the stone that hung partly over a cliff side that gave a dramatic view of the valley below and the coming sunset. This was his spot and for any one who knew him it would not surprise them that his favorite place on Galava was not the big city of Whitestone or the new river resort of Grey Falls, but this quite hideaway. Walle was just a quiet person and like Laura he preferred not to talk unnecessarily and people tended to make him nervous in general. Being out in the wilderness was just easier for him than dealing with the people of River’s Rest who knew far too much about his past than he wanted, it was only with strangers that he felt like he could relax. Laura understood him, but she also pushed him to make connections with others and Walle wondered if that was part of the reason she wanted him to join the Warden’s Hall Academy and its mercenary unit.

Walle set down and looked at the envelope in his hands; it was time to learn just what his future held for him. Part of him wanted to go to start a new and excited journey, to see the wider world beyond the river and the woods that had sheltered him for so long and even beyond Galava. With silent resolve, he opened the letter and patiently read down the formalities ‘til he got to the point that stated he was enrolled in the Warden’s Hall Academy and would be taking part in their Cadet program which would form the basis of the Academy sponsored mercenary unit in two years.

Walle laid the letter down beside him and knew that his life was about to change come the end of the summer. As he set there watching the sun make its way down the horizon, he remembered a line for a old story Laura had read to him to help him sleep despite the nightmares. The longest journey starts with only one step out your front door and if you don’t watch your feet you never know where they will take you to.

Walter 'Walle' Hillman

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