Catalina 'Cat' Stonedell

Daughter of Olan and Samira Stonedell


Age: 18
Affiliation: Federated Suns
Occupation: Cadet

  • Oldest daughter of Olan and Sam Stonedell who are both ex-mercenaries from the Inner Sphere who moved to Galava to retire along with the old lance-mates Nixi and Mike Jones.
  • Cat did not arieve on Galava until she was 10 spending her early childhood at Olan and Sam’s old mercenary unit the Wayfinders’ base and later on the family Dropship while in transit to Galava.
  • Cat’s family lives in Whitestone along with other members of extended Xavier family (Sam’s family) where her family oversees their off-planet shipping and trading business.
  • Cat has been accepted as a Cadet into the Warden’s Hall Academy in the MechWarrior training program but she is afraid that some people will see this as just a honorary admittance since her father is a investor in the Academy and its Mercenary Unit.

A Cat’s Prospective

Cat looked at herself in the standing mirror as her mother brushed out her shoulder length black hair, the only thing she had inherited from her father to his declared relief. Cat saw her mother’s face as she looked over what her daughter was going to be wearing to the Jones’ Anniversary party at Caravan’s Rest. Cat’s was wearing a form fitting t-shirt under a knit top with a long skirt along with a new pair of moccasins that her grandmother had made her for her new school year at the Academy in a few months.

Samira leaned over and kissed Cat’s check with a sigh and looked into her daughter’s eyes, “Only you would dress like this, you look like some Frankenstein creation between my mother and a rock star. Spirits love you, child. Some days I wonder whose child are you.”

It was an old argument and one without heat and lots of love in her mother’s voice, but Cat just didn’t see the big deal. Yeah she got looks at school, but this was who she was. Cat was the daughter of a spacer French Cherokee mother and a military family German father and she embraced everything about her parents and her family even if others didn’t see how such an odd mix could work; that was the true beauty of it, it just did. Just like her strong friendship with Pixie Jones, a friend she had only met at the age of ten and only when their parents got together until around high school at which point the two went to school together. Then Pixie would disappear again during the summer, despite this the two were still very close. Such a long distant friendship would normally not form such strong ties, but with Pixie nothing was ever normal, again it just was.

Cat normally didn’t like this kind of things, big parties and such. It wasn’t because of all of the people, with the Xaviers as her mother’s family a family dinner took up over thirty place settings even with half of the family out on a trade route. It was all of the strangers and trying to fit in. That was one talent that Cat just didn’t have, no matter what she did boys noticed her and her oddities made her stand out amongst the girls. This fact was starting to trouble Cat as the days of summer slowly slipped away, not because of today’s party, but her upcoming new attendance at the Warden’s Hall Academy and not knowing how she was ever going to fit in as a Cadet much less became a ideal member of a mercenary company like her father and mother before her.

Cat looked down, her fears making a hard knot in her stomach, before she looked her mother in the eyes with a harden determination that Samira swore up and down came from Olan who would in return say the same thing about his wife. “Mom it’s because of you and dad that I got in as a cadet at the Academy is it not. I’ve heard the teacher and students at school talking I know the truth I just wish you would have made me make it on my own.”

Samira looked taken aback for a second before she went back to brushing her daughter’s hair before answering her. “Catalina you know for a fact that your father would do no such thing, and neither would I. Instructor Val Wittmore approved your admission due to your talents and intelligence and nothing more. By the way did I ever tell you how your father and I met?”

Cat had heard the story before and sighed, but her mother continued with the story as if she had not heard her daughter’s response. If there was one Cherokee trait her mother had, it was loving to tell stories. “Your father was once my teacher at a military academy much like the one you are about to join, then I left to join the navy for some years. When I met your father again, he was forming a mercenary unit and needed a pilot and I needed a job so I became one of his Circle of Swords. At first, our connection started talk amongst the unit and I was tempted to leave listening to just comments by others, but in the end I made up my own mind and stayed and because of that I found the greatest thing in my life and three years later you came into our lives.”

Cat knew the story well and she knew what her mother was trying to say with the story, and if mother and father had taught her anything it was that it was not always easy to follow your heart, but it was always worth doing so, even if others talked. Just then Cat’s father Olan stuck his head into her bedroom doorway, “Are you two girls ready yet or not, I swear I could had have a whole battalion up and moving to the parade field and back in the time it takes you two to get ready.”

In unison, Cat and her mother picked up pillows and threw them at the doorway, but Olan was too quick to be hit by the projectiles. Unfortunately, Cat’s eight year old brother Jonah got hit instead, and promptly declared this was war and the family melee broke out in Cat’s room.

Catalina 'Cat' Stonedell

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