Olan Riley Jones

Son of Mike and Nixie Jones. Older brother to Pixie.


Once upon a time on the planet of New Avalon, there was a noble born lady who had a sprite named Spin painted on her Jenner BattleMech as a going away present of sorts. Also on this planet was a man who had great skill with technology and Phoenix Hawk BattleMech. These two met on a dropship that was taking them to the planet Galatea to apply to a mercenary unit. The lady and the tech parted ways only to find later that they were both joining the same mercenary unit, The Circle of Swords. The lady showed interest in another of the unit to try to make the tech jealous, which didn’t work. When the Circle of Swords joined another mercenary group, The Wayfinders, both the lady and tech went their own ways. The lady went to a planet in the vast reaches of nowhere, Galava, and the tech joined another mercenary unit, the Strike Lightning Guard. The lady met a prince and they became engaged. So, the lady sent word to the tech asking that he give her away, because the lady knew she wanted the tech at her wedding. By the time the tech arrived, the lady had figured out that the prince just wanted her for her noble blood not for who she really was and had been on outs with the prince for several months. The prince thought it was just nerves, but the lady knew that it was more. The tech fought the prince to see if he was worthy to marry that lady. The tech declared his love for the lady before she married the prince and so she dumped the prince, married the tech in the Caravan way and stayed on Galava. The lady and the tech lived happily ever after and had eight children whom they loved dearly.


Olan Jones watched his sister Pixie raise a jug of caravan wine and say, “Happy 19th Anniversary, Mom & Dad. Here’s to the Lady Doctor and the Tech, Caravan Wine for Caravan Times!” Olan raised his jug with everyone else and joined in the toast. While the Jones family was sipping their wine, Olan contemplated his family.

Olan was the first born son of Mike and Nixie Jones, and was a year older than his twin siblings Pixie and Blixt. He should have been one year ahead of them in school, but when Olan was 12 years old, his Mom and Dad held him back from going into the 6th grade. They said that his constant goofing off had affected his grades and that he would have to repeat the 5th grade. And they both made a point to explain that they wished that he was more like Pixie and Blixt because they took their studies very seriously.

That was the start of Olan’s great rivalry with Pixie and Blixt. Having them show him up bothered him greatly, and he spent the next 7 years working hard to make sure they never did it again. Part of the rivalry involved constant pranks and teasing. Since Blixt was often willing to help Olan in his pranks, Olan didn’t pick on him nearly as much as Pixie.

Olan’s musings were interrupted when Pixie caught sight of the Stonedells and ran off to hang out with Cat. The rest of Olan’s siblings quickly disappeared also. Mr. Stonedell and his wife Sam came over to Mike and Nixie. Mike Jones got up to salute his one-time commander, but Mr. Stonedell interrupted Mike with a handshake and a hug. After the greetings were complete, Olan tried to get the adults to strike up a football game, but they were not in the mood for sports, so Olan began clearing the table. After he had the dishes in the kitchen sink, he began washing them and continued his contemplations.

A few years ago, the new Warding Hall Academy had graduated its first class of cadets. Those graduates were given the opportunity to form a new mercenary unit. When that happened, Olan decided that he wanted to enroll in the Academy. When he told his parents about his dream, the copycats Pixie and Blixt stated that they wanted to enroll also. Olan didn’t talk much about his plans after that. Olan didn’t just want to be a mechwarrior. He wanted a command position and was worried about competing for it. Blixt later decided that he was going to train as a com bat medic. But Pixie hadn’t said anything about specializing. So Olan constantly worried that she would try for command if she knew he wanted it. And her grades were better than his.

But Olan knew that there was more to being a leader than just grades. So he started taking it upon himself to get involved in projects that needed to be done. During the summer, he would sit in on the Caravan’s trade negotiations. Also, he helped his dad organize the maintenance and refit of their equipment. During the school year, he was active in Whitestone’s Militia youth program and in sports. Olan tried to be involved in anything he thought would build leadership skills.

After the dishes were done, Olan went out back and walked through the small grove of trees back there. Within ten minutes, he found a small tree frog and caught it easily. He smiled as he returned to his home. When he was inside, he called out to make sure that nobody was around. When there was no answer, he ran over to Pixie’s bed and placed the frog under her covers.

That would teach her to leave all the dishes to her poor brother.

Olan Riley Jones

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