Helena "Pixie" Jones

Daughter of Mr. Mike Jones and Dr. Nixie (Jester) Jones recently accepted to the Warden's Hall Academy.


Pixie gets airsick.


A Pixie Tale

Once upon a time on the planet of New Avalon, there was a noble born lady who had a sprite named Spin painted on her Jenner BattleMech as a going away present of sorts. Also on this planet was a man who had great skill with technology and Phoenix Hawk BattleMech. These two met on a dropship that was taking them to the planet Galatea to apply to a mercenary unit. The lady and the tech parted ways only to find later that they were both joining the same mercenary unit, The Circle of Swords. The lady showed interest in another of the unit to try to make the tech jealous, which didn’t work. When the Circle of Swords joined another mercenary group, The Wayfinders, both the lady and tech went their own ways. The lady went to a planet in the vast reaches of nowhere, Galava, and the tech joined another mercenary unit, the Strike Lightning Guard. The lady met a prince and they became engaged. So, the lady sent word to the tech asking that he give her away, because the lady knew she wanted the tech at her wedding. By the time the tech arrived, the lady had figured out that the prince just wanted her for her noble blood not for who she really was and had been on outs with the prince for several months. The prince thought it was just nerves, but the lady knew that it was more. The tech fought the prince to see if he was worthy to marry that lady. The tech declared his love for the lady before she married the prince and so she dumped the prince, married the tech in the Caravan way and stayed on Galava. The lady and the tech lived happily ever after and had eight children whom they loved dearly.

Pixie turned with a wicked grin on her face, raised a jug of caravan wine and said, “Happy 19th Anniversary, Mom & Dad. Here’s to the Lady Doctor and the Tech, Caravan Wine for Caravan Times!” The Caravans didn’t celebrate anniversaries the way non-gypsy types did, but that is because the Caravaners did a year and a day commitment which they renewed each year amidst a huge party. So, her parents had been married over 19th years, but it was the 19th anniversary of their “church” wedding. Pixie looked at her twin, Blixt, and gave him the high sign as she took a sip of caravan wine. Fireworks shot into the air lighting up the sky over Caravan’s Rest.

Pixie scanned the crowd and caught sight of Cat and her folks. Olan (not her brother) and Sam were heading over to congratulate Pixie’s folks and Cat was tagging along. Summer vacation was about over and this was the first time she’d seen Cat in ages. Pixie worked her way through the Caravan folk, known as Pikkies to outsiders, and reached her parents about the same time as the Stonedells did. She knew her folks, especially Mom, were nervous about three of her children entering the Warding Hall Academy and vying for positions to be part of the mercenary unit. Luckily, her parents were willing to let their children spread their wings. Plus, they’d have Olan and Sam to share their worries with since Cat had been accepted to the academy too. She was glad there was going to be someone there she knew besides her brothers.

The Jones family was close, but Doctor Nixie and Mister Mike had encouraged their children to focus on their own interests. Blixt was really into medicine like and was vying for the position of combat medic. Pixie was all into speed, ‘mechs, and knives. Pixie was definitely the Caravan child of the three oldest Jones. She wasn’t sure what Olan was into besides pestering her, but that was because they had been competing against each other ever since they were put in the same grade. There were probably more annoying older brothers in the world than Olan, but she still didn’t like being called ‘Stick’. Even ‘Pixie Stick’ was better, pixie sticks were a sugar high waiting to happen and rare treats here on Galava. Blixt was her younger twin by all of three minutes, but he ganged up on her with Olan, so having Cat there to balance out her brotherly attention would be nice. Blixt would defend her against anyone, but family even though he was more of a pacifist by nature.

Pixie knew that she would have to curtail some of her more rebellious nature at the academy. She knew she was a fairy child, part imp some would say, but thought she could control it well enough to make a difference in people’s lives like her folks had. Her mom had made a huge difference in the lives of several people on Galava, the people of Mossburg and the Caravans the most though. Mom had gotten help from the Inner Spherions to irradiate the site of the Luxmark nuclear explosion which was destroying Mossburg. And the Caravans, well Mom had just accepted them for who they were and helped them to settle into Caravan’s Rest while still incorporating the Caravan society and customs. Uncle Gregory had laughed and said he felt at home for the first time in twenty years when he visited a couple years back. Apparently, Mom’s folks on Andurien were of a gypsy nature too. Her dad had made a difference in lives on a different pirate laden planet, but had lost a lot of folks in his unit. So, she knew there were risks to what she wanted to do, but she was determined to do it anyway. And protect Olan from danger too. Pixie smiled at Cat with mischief in her eyes, “So you want to go meet that Delong boy who caught your eye when the Caravans came through Whitestone?”

Helena "Pixie" Jones

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