Valarie Ames Wittmore


Age: 37
Affiliation: Outworlds Alliance
Occupation: MechWarrior Academy Instructor

  • A sworn Knight of Randis.
  • Married to Jax Wittmore and mother to her 9 year old daughter Kenze.

“Val” as she is commonly call by all but her students, which only call her Instructor of Mis. Wittmore, has lived on Galava since she was 17 coming to the planet with her uncle and guardian at the time Reese MacGregor. Val was Reese’s apprentice from the time she was 15 and learned the ways of a Knight of Randis form personal and BattleMech combat too their code of conduct and beliefs.

Val meet Jax when he and his “Wardens” appears as out of nowhere in Battle Armor come to offer their service to Whitestone and as they said make a free Galava. In only two years the two would fall in love and marry it was also during this time that Val helped her uncle Reese to establish his Training Hall which would one day become Wardens’ Hall Academy. It would be five years into Val and Jax’s marriage that they would have their son Vince. After five years and at the age of 24 Reese would hand over official leadership and governing of the Academy to Val who had been a Reese’s top Instructor and unspoken Administrator of the Academy from its beginning.

The Hall had always been a place of learning for bringing trainers and students together from all over Galava but with Jax and Clara’s help Val would turn the Academy into so much more. Combining what she saw as the best of the Wardens way of life and how they ‘protected’ their people by going out into the world to help defend the helpless and strike or identify threat before they could come to harm those they protected. With the Knight’s of Randis’ code and personal dedication to help the helpless and upholding what is right. This molding of two ‘orders’ would for the base for Val’s new Academy and the founding of the Warding Guard a Academy sponsored Mercenary unit that go out into the universe with the mission of helping those they can while in the end helping Galava by learning what they can about the wider universe and identify and even striking at possible threats to Galava and its people.

Valarie Ames Wittmore

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