Clara Ames


Age: 31
Affiliation: Outworlds Alliance
Occupation: Mercenary MechWarrior Captain (Warding Guard)



Clara was brought to Galava at the age of 10 with her sister Val by their uncle Reese a Knight of Randis. As a child Clara was a musical prodigy and a highly intelligent student who looked up to her uncle knowing despite pressure to do other wise that one day she would be a MechWarrior like him. Between age 10 and 11 Clara was sent to the closest planet with a established high-learning program, Clara would only stay on Glen Arden for one school year before coming back with her sister like aunt Ky after hacking into some protected servers not only at the school but in the government as well.

Upon returning to Galava Reese and Hesper would take their gifted problem child and apprentices her to the new arrived Combat Surgeon Nixe who would take Clara in and not only taught her basic medical skills but also aerospace and Mech combat. At the age of 17 Clara would become a MechWarrior with Nixe’s instruction and Mike Jones’ guidance.

Clara would then serve four years with the “Marshals”, Galava’s planet defense force where she would see combat against pirates with D Company or otherwise known by most as the “Ill Fated Forth” in its second and final inception. After D Company was devastated when they took the many force of a pirate attack Clara would leave the Marshals and join Val and Jax in helping run the Academy.

It was during this time that Val and Clara would devise the idea of the Warden’s Hall Academy and the Warding Guard. With support by other investors like the a old Mercenary Olan Stonedell with his wife Sam and always faithful help and support form Hesper and Reese and other interested in back the endeavor Clara and Val were able to form a Academy sponsored Mercenary Unit. Now with her best friend Aike and in Olan’s old Leopard Clara has been spending the last four years traveling the universe the Periphery and Inner Sphere both taking only the jobs that uphold the Warden’s code and helping Galava by sending salvage back home and taking on threats before they can make their to the planet.

Clara Ames

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