Shawn O’Dell


Age: 53
Affiliation: Minor Periphery (Galava)
Occupation: Merchant Jumpship Captain and Owner


Shawn was born and lived in the Free Rasalhague Republic until the age of 33 when he used all this wealth and connections do to his high rank corporate carrier to require a Jumpship and helped refuges to flee the Clan invasion and make his way to Galava, a settlement he helped fund for a mining interest.

Shawn only family on Galava is his daughter Tamaka O’Dell, whose mother Shawn meet and fell in love with during the Clan Wars but Kira would unfortunately die while giving birth to their daughter.

Shawn now travels a set rout with his Tramp Jumpship, called ‘Tsubaki Spirit’ while doing so he helps the Mercenary Company the Warding Guard acquire new ‘or well used’ mechs.

Shawn O’Dell

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