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The Fall of Ro Dover

A series of newpaper articles


Galava World Herald – 6 July, 3069

Yesterday afternoon at 17:23, Whitstone Spaceport had the misfortune to experience its first crash landing. Fortunately, there was no loss of life. The craft involved was a Karnov UR Transport Aircraft owned by Mr. Valak Dover. The occupants included Mr. Dover and five of his sons. Contrary to initial reports broadcast over the unreliable Caravan News Network, the craft was not shot down during an anti-smuggling militia operation. Whitestone Port Authorities are investigating the crash. Preliminary evidence points to pilot error, equipment failure and hazardous weather conditions.


Galava World Herald – 7 July, 3069

Yesterday evening, Lead Gerald Rivers, Security Chief for Whitestone Port Authorities, held a press conference regarding the recent airplane crash at the Spaceport. According to Lead Rivers, Mr. Valak Dover and five of his sons were flying to Whitestone in a Karnov UR Transport Aircraft to purchase supplies from the recently docked dropship “Viborg Pride”. The pilot reported equipment malfunctions upon final approach to Whitestone. Lead Rivers released records from Whitestone Control which showed an erratic flight path upon approach. The pilot has stated in interviews that weather conditions contributed to his loss of control of the craft. The craft crashed 1,000 meters north of the dropship landing pads. However, Lead Rivers insisted that the ships docked at the port were never in any danger. Lead Rivers explained that the flight instruments and controls were under investigation and that a final report would be released when the investigation was complete. When asked to confirm rumors that a teenager was piloting the aircraft, he replied, “Yeah, that damned fool Pickey had his 18 year old son at the controls.” The Galava World Herald has confirmed that the pilot was Valak’s youngest son, Ro Dover.


Galava World Herald – 7 August, 3069

Yesterday, Whitestone Port Authorities released the official report of their investigation into last month’s airplane crash at Whitestone Spaceport. Port Authorities have determined that pilot error was the sole cause of the accident. The report confirms that the craft involved in the accident was a Karnov UR Transport Aircraft owned by Mr. Valak Dover. The pilot was Ro Dover, Valak Dover’s youngest son. Ro Dover reported equipment failure upon his approach to Whitestone, and the investigation did confirm that the altimeter and the fuel gauge were both malfunctioning. However, the report concludes that an experienced pilot would have been able to safely land the craft without the assistance of those nonessential gauges. The other factor of the investigation was the weather condition at the time of the crash. The sky was overcast and crosswinds had been reported earlier in the day. However, there was no precipitation and visual conditions were good. The report states that Ro Dover did not report poor conditions until after the crash. The most scathing topic of the report was the fact that Ro Dover was at the controls at all. Valak’s oldest son Hash was on board at the time of the crash and Hash Dover is a qualified pilot that has logged well over 5,000 hours in the air. The report concludes that if Hash Dover been piloting the craft, the accident would never have occurred.


Galava World Herald – 15 August, 3069

The Warden’s Hall Academy has officially announced that a new class of cadets has been accepted for training. The Academy will train these cadets for two years. The program is designed to produce ten mechwarriors and a team of support personnel. It is particularly interesting to see that one of the cadets is young Ro Dover, the pilot responsible for Whitestone Spaceport’s first crash landing. Cadet Dover has apparently been accepted into the Battlemech Technician Program. The Herald applauds Sir Reese MacGregor for giving this youth a chance to earn one of the support positions. Sir MacGregor obviously sees that poor flying skills do not impair Cadet Dover’s ability to faithfully serve the brave mechwarriors that graduate from Warden’s Hall Academy.


OpEd Article

Galava World Herald – 1 September, 3069

Investigative reporters for The Galava World Herald have uncovered some ugly truths about The Warden’s Hall Academy. Apparently, to get into the premier flight training program at the Academy only requires a young man to plow an aircraft into a field outside Whitestone and to have a wealthy father to bribe Academy instructors and administrators.

This scandal involves the notorious Ro Dover, the delinquent responsible for the disastrous airplane wreck at Whitestone Spaceport. Contrary to previously released information, Mr. Dover has not been accepted into the Battlemech Technician program. His has in fact enrolled in the school’s most advanced program: The Land-Air Mech flight school. It is impossible that Valarie Wittmore and personnel at the school are unaware of Mr. Dovers poor behavior, so bribery can be the only explanation for his admittance into such a prestigious program.

If Mr. Dover were simply taking flight lessons, there would be no issue. In fact, all of Galava agrees that Mr. Dover would benefit from basic flight classes.

However, the nature of the Battlemech programs at The Warden’s Hall Academy make it objectionable for a person of Mr. Dovers low quality to be admitted. The Battlemechs used in the training programs are vehicles that have been recovered by the noble mechwarriors of the Warding Guard. It is through their blood, sweat and tears that Sir MacGregor’s academy is able to put students into mechs. For Mrs. Wittmore to allow such an incompetent failure as Mr. Dover the opportunity to destroy one of these machines is an insult to the Warding Guard, to Sir MacGregor and to the academy that he has founded.

Sir MacGregor has been unavailable for comment. Lady MacGregor has made herself available, but as usual, her comments are not fit for printing.

Trev Achison, Editor in Chief, Galava World Herald, Main Bureau, Tradesport


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