BattleTech: Galava

Glimpse of a Pixie

Pixie very carefully mixed her browns and blacks as she and Cat were getting ready for the Caravan Cadet Party. Both her caravan and the Dover caravan would be there. Ro hadn’t been at the interview session, so she hadn’t been able to flirt with him to annoy Olan. She had managed to trap Olan into the sibling argument at the lighthouse though which led to Eva wandering off with Wally. Olan had invited himself, her and Cat to join Eva and Wally’s sailing date…and so she had to pay him back for being a brat. He was kind of in her good graces though since all she’d done at the interview was talk in trade talk instead of English, but he’d said in plain English that the planet would die. And he had been the gallant type during the storm – keeping the weather away from her and Cat and helping Cat when she’d thrown up. Pixie looked over at Cat, “I know he’s annoying, but tonight I’m playing nice with Olan. He has been the good sort the last couple of days.”


dragontree Megiana

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