BattleTech: Galava

Behind the Glass

Kei Hattori looked down from his window, watching the workmen digging a trench, their skin dark from the many days under the heat of Galva’s sun. The trench would bring water up from the Black lake and feed his fathers tobacco fields. His father the Honorable Kimotei Hattori owned the majority of the land surrounding the Black lake allowing the families who only a generation ago would have claimed land rights themselves, to continue to work and live as they had for years. The only difference was that instead of trading the results of their labor with each other for survival they worked for pay, and had access to the many planetary imports that the Honorable Hattori brought on-world. His father had created civilization where once there were only waste wanderers and fishing hovels. His father wished for Kei to one day control all that he had built upon Galva. Looking down Kei could see several of the younger workers taking a break from their labor and kicking a ball around, the game had become fairly physical as the boys shouldered into one another, dust and elbows flying. From the melee a clear victor had arisen.

Spinning Sezume Sato feinted with his right foot and flipped the ball up into the air with his left, his eyes never leaving the whirlwind that was the group of boys fighting for control of the ball. Using his shoulder to push past the nearest combatant his head connected with the quickly descending ball. With a burst of speed he was off leaving the boys unknowingly still entangled in the scrum. With a triumphant shout he turned his left foot resting upon the now stationary ball.

Kei smiled seeing Sezume taunting the other boys, he wished he was free to make his own decisions, to run with the locals, to leave the planet if he wished. He was the Honorable Kimotei Hattori’s son though and was expected to spend time learning the history of the inner sphere. He knew his father only saw Galva as a staging ground for re-entering life within the inner sphere. He did not know why his father had left his holdings within the inner sphere for this backwards planet. As valuable as a resource water was, it would not have caused his father to permanently move away from the inner sphere, he could send servants to manage the Black lake if that was the case. Whatever the cause his father did not speak of it. Sighing in resignation, Kei picked up the book he was to read from, its pages crisp and new.


I like the story Gery and all the information about Black Land and it new overseer and the rest of the people there is great and will be written as fact into Galava history!

Behind the Glass
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