“This is the Inner Sphere, thousands of planets colonized by human-kind. Once, it was united under the Star League, but for the last three hundred years, it has been consumed by savage wars….”

The year is 3069. The The Fed-Com Civil war has just seen its last shots fired the latest in a long, tragic line of star-spanning wars that has consumed mankind since he first ventured into the infinite blackness of space. For centuries, the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere—Davion, Kurita, Marik, Liao, and Steiner—have vied for supremacy in the name of the fallen legacy of the Star League, while secretive sects like ComStar and the Word of Blake worked against them from behind the scenes. Even the arrival of the mighty Clans—sophisticated techno-warriors evolved from the remnants of the great Star League’s regular army—failed to end the cycle of conflict between the so-called Successor States. But again saber rattling can be heard across the universe as tells of Word of Blake military buildup and hostile actions are spreading like wildfire throughout the space lanes of the Inner Sphere and beyond.

This game takes place on the Periphery planet of Galava just outside the borders of the Lyran Alliance by just over a 100 light-years. Galava was once a member of the Rimworlds Republic before the fall of the first Star League but despite its recent revitalization some twenty years ago by the arrival of Corporate sponsored settlers and a influx of refugees fleeing the Clan Wars and then later the Fed-Com Civil War Galava is still a harsh planet with poor technological resources and faces threats for raiders form not only from afar but on planet as well. Despite this or do to these conditions a Mercenary Academy and Force of extraordinary skill and ideals has found a home here. The Warden’s Hall Academy located near the capital city of Whitestone acts as a training hall and home to the Warding Guard, the Hall was founded by a former Knight of Randis Sir MacGregor. The Players will play new cadets of the Hall and hopeful future members of the Warding Guard Mercenary Unit.

BattleTech: Galava

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